200 Mile is an upcoming biographical film about the life of Astro Boy, It will be directed by acclaimed gay porn director Don Coward and will star Astro, Olaf, Drew Pickles, Barney, Frosty, Mega Man, Marco Diaz, Pennywise, Ronald McDonaldDick the Clown, Baikinman, Macoto Tezuka, and Ned Flanders,

The screenplay will be adapted by Astro, and Cobalt from their own autobiographies; the former's Gay Robot's Land (1985) and the latter's Big Ass Brother (1992)

Principal photography will begin in July 2026 and is slated to be released on April 7th 2031, Astro's 80th birthday.


The plot of 200 mile will center around the various life stories of Astro Boy , such as (but not limited to) how he first met Barney and Dr. Elefun, How he made friends with Drew Pickles, the production of his very first porno, Astro Boy and Dr. Elefun Hot Steamy Orgy XXX (1964), his Prisoner taken and escape from Seyed Ali's Studhouse, his arrest at age 16 after raping his 7th grade classmate Sammy Hagar,  the founding of Drewland, his Rapes of Brian Jones and Jim Morrison, His firing by Shonen magazine and replaced by his Talentless clone, his involvement in the death of Fred Phelps His 10 year prison setense until 2025 or death of Panda's Girls and his marriage to Olaf after the legalization of gay marriage in the United States.


  • Astro Boy as Himself and Little Astro Boy (young)
  • Cobalt as Himself
  • Olaf as Himself
  • Frosty as Himself
  • Some Terrorist as Seyed Ali
  • Drew Pickles as Himself
  • Barney as Himself
  • Macoto Tezuka as Himself/His Father
  • Marco Diaz as Himself/Random guy who hops the Mexican Border
  • Mega Man as Himself
  • Ronald McDonald as Himself
  • Dick the Clown as Himself
  • Ned Flanders as Himself
  • Chaz Finster as Himself
  • Some Teen Actor as Sammy Hagar
  • Val Kilmer Jr. as Jim Morrison
  • Freddie Highmore as Brian Jones
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