Am I Stupid? is a 1993 short movie starring Baikinman (his first short film role). It preceded The Barney Bunch's movie, Jizzed and Confused.


Timeline of Events: January 17, 1993.

5:29 AM:  Batsu Game: Am I Stupid? (titles of short movie)


5:30 AM: Hayami's American Kids. UGH, Nope. Also from [2] TV Turns off at 2:19

Transcript (English Translation, except Rocco, whose script is Translated in Japanese)

Titles: Don't Understand, skip to the next part.

Yu Hayami: Hi Everybody!

TV Turns off

Mai Kishikawa: Not that show again.

Mai Peers at door through peephole.

Mai Kishikawa: Ohayo gozaimasu, Anpanman!

Baikinman: I'm not Anpanman, I'm Baikinman, and You're ruining my latest Film.

Mai Kishikawa: Let me guess? You making Rocco (Rocco's Modern Life, it premiered in 1993) film a Mayo commercial for American TV.

Baikinman: That's Right.

Mai Kishikawa: You better get out of here right now.

Close Up of Talkboy

Rocco: Kono meiyō no komāsharu no yōnimieru ga, hitto ni narudarou!

Mai Presses play button [3] first 5 seconds only

Baikinman: Oh No! It's the No Legged Pig!

Rocco: Koko o shutoku shimashou!

Mai goes through peepholes of doors, until hearing bells on an electric clock.

Mai Kishikawa: Ohayo gozaimasu, Anpanman!

Baikinman: Bye Baikin.

Glass Breaks while Baikinman falls

Let's skip the boring parts with Mai and Anpanman.

Horrorman: Baikinman, how dare you fall off the window while filming a mayo commercial with Rocco. You know Rocco is American.

Baikinman: But we both love Mayo.

Horrorman slaps Baikinman

Horrorman: Tim Burton rejected me from Nightmare.

Baikinman: at least i'm telling this to Barney, Drew, and Astro (appeared in Jizzed and Confused) to make a better version with you in it, not Friggin Jack Smellington.

Horrorman: That younger skeleton deserved it.

Let's skip the boring parts with Anpanman (same appearance as the other scene, ugh. why can't he appear in his usual look. that appearance in this short film never appeared on tv.)

Mega Man: Baikinman, you are grounded. Go to your room now, and stop thinking about that stupid mayo commercial.

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