That little motherfucker.

Amerika is a Allied Force guy who HATES the Barney menaces. He trys to kill Drew Pickles. His dark secret is only known by Dick while spying on him. He also seems to have a big crush on a humanoid version of the woman in Paint it White! 

Here is a swell story of him.

Birth and Early Life

Amerika was born in 1776 to an unidentified (probably Drew and Barney) family. They later buttkicked the litttle prick outside. England, when walking his hounds for Mr. Burns, discovered this little menace burning Drew's shed.  He spanked him, and later adopted him.  He taught him how to kill the Barney Bunch and rape them at the age of 7. He would always get money from him if he did some bad thing to Barney or Drew, like eating their barbaque or stealing their dildos. He had 1,000,000,000 dollars after 2 years!  When he was 9, Amerika was getting sick of England cause he wouldn't let him go to Disneyland.

Tween Life, Teen Life, and Early Adult Life 

When he was 14, Amerika was spying on Barney changing his D-cup bras. He never got caught but sold 2,223 units to people, he was a trillionare!  When he was 16, he was sick of England for never letting him go outside. So he changed in a Kawaii Desu uniform and got a machine gun. He later went to England and gained his independence. That day was his 17th birthday. He was all pissed when he was 18. Cause Drew Pickles kidnapped a girl named D.W. Read. America got pissed and told England to spy on him. He got nothing but a piece of paper that said "Barney Bunch meeting at 6 pm"  America was EVEN MORE pissed at him so he got Arthur to take his sister back. He did it, but he got raped by Drew and D.W. escaped to Elwood City.

Starring on Hetalia

When he was 19, America got the roll of America. He held it for 5 years from Axis Powers Hetalia to The Beautiful World.  He got lots of money and starred in movies that Drew were in. He never teamed op with Dick and still had a cush on the girl in Paint, it White!

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