Arthur's Blackout of Doom is an episode by Barney Bunch Productions. The Entire Five Minute and Twentey Nine Second Video Survives. It premiered on Friday, June 25, 2010. It focused on Arthur instead of Barney. 


Arthur is threatened to die by his father while telling D.W. theres no more ice cubes, then they tell some ham it's time to die. All of a sudden a blackout happens where Arthur's mother screams WTF!!!!!!???? and D.W. claims it sure burns when she pees. Then the weather prediction is everyone must die, and D.W. decides to MMMMMMMMM... Their mom says that the next morning will be time to die. Arthur goes to bed and talks to Buster Baxter on the phone. Buster wants Arthur to join him or else Arthur will die. Buster promises they will talk the next day. But sadly, the world ends overnight.


  • I Ain't got no iPhone
  • You're Driving me Crazy
  • Luigi's Bagel Song
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