Transcript for Arthur's Blackout of Doom


(Song: I ain't got no iPhone)

Arthur: Hey, DW!


Arthur falls down

(Sun Sets)

Radio Guy: Good evening elwood city. well the sun may be setting, but the temperature is rising. you think this is bad. wait til tomorrow, you'll be able to

Mario: Toast Toast

Radio Guy: So crank up those air cons and stay tuned

(Song: you're driving me crazy)

Radio Guy: For the latest on the heat wave.

(Song: Luigi's Bagel Song)

Jane: Just a few more questions and we'll be done. now Ed, i know you deducted your shoes on your schedule's seat, thanks honey.

(fax machine sound)

Arthur: move over. this is

Mario: gay

DW: Are there any ice cubes left. i think there's some way of disappearing in that freezer.

Arthur: there's

Mario: NO

Arthur: Ice DW.

David: Arthur,

Gannon: You will die.

Arthur: there's better be some of this lemonade left when i come back.

Mario: No

DW: Arthur

Arthur: Ugh, this is the biggest ham i've ever seen.

David: Ugh

Gannon: You will die

David: Catering tomorrow. Ugh

DR, Rabbit: and now, time to die

David. woo it just fits. thank goodness. it needs to stay cold until tomorrow.

Jane: Now Ed, i don't think dental floss can be counted as a business expensive.

Guy 1: WTF

Jane: Ed, Hello.

Link: Gee, it sure

Peter Griffin: Burns when i pee.

Guy 1: BOOM

Mario: If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction book.

Radio Guy: Yes Siree, Elwood City is having a

The King: Dinner

Radio Guy: don't forget on when it would be over but it would be shaking but it won't be long.

DW: Can we watch the blackout on tv?

Arthur: There is no tv. a blackout means there's no electricity. no electricity, no tv.

DW: No tv.

Guy 2: um,

DW: there's a mary moo cow special on the number 2 i had to watch.

Jane: it'll probably be

DR. Rabbit: time to die

Jane: you heard the weatherman.

David: dr. jake's predictions were

Gannon: you must die.

David: i better go get some supplies. see kids, isn't this fun?

Mario: no

David: A Candlelit dinner.

DW: Cold leftover pasta, applesauce and pretzels. that's it!

David: the store was closed, so we had to make do with this. but we do have

Guy 3: meatballs

David: for desert

Jane: make that Strawberry soup. anybody wanted it as a first course.

DW: I'm so hot

(Song: i ain't got no iPhone)

DW: Can't we at least

Gannon: DIE

Arthur: fans are electric

David: here, we'll just open the window and get a nice

Guy 4: bombs

Arthur: there goes the candlelit part of dinner.

Jane: well, at least it's cool

(weird words in fast forward)

Buster: hey Arthur, HELLO!

Arthur: hey Buster, is you're power out too?

Gannon: join me link, and i'll make you the greatest in koradi, or else you will die

Buster: bit of light. something's glowing in my food cabinet.

Arthur: i hope this black out ends soon. i can't sleep in this heat.

Buster: me neither. i tried counting

Luigi: spaghetti

Buster: but imagining all of that wool just made me hotter. i think my battery is dying. don't worry Arthur, i'll find some way to contact you tomorrow.

Gannon: you must die

Arthur: you don't need electricity to walk.

Buster: you're fading, hang in there buddy, we'll get through this.

Arthur: Ugh!

(The world ends overnight)


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