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Astrid (b. November 26) is the first director of the 'NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN' Reminders on TVNP. The version she directed was the exact same versions TVW aired during most of the 1980s. (Viewers were Melissa George, Isla Fisher (from 1982), the late Heath Ledger, Zoe Ventoura, Jacinta John, Tamee Harrison (until 1985. Astrid says that it breaks her heart), Renee Lim, Lucy Durack, Keagan Kang, Luke Pegler, Chris Piechocki (1980 onwards), the late Mark Priestley, Andrew Supanz, Sam Worthington, etc)


50 Years of TVW7 - 1988 Fat Cat Flashback


Fat Cat - Goodnight Boys & Girls (Incomplete, TVW-7, 1984)

File:Fat Cat - Goodnight Girls & Boys (TVW-7, November 1984)


this reveals that Astrid hates Donald Trump because she thinks that Snoopy and His Candle are Donald's vice presidents.

She banned Inotoko Ikeman because His relations with Snoopy looked like the ending of MacBeth.

She is a member of The Anti Barney Bunch and the co-founder of The Anti Snoopy Bunch, which is a rival to The Snoopy Bunch, founded by Inotoko Ikeman, Inotoko A. Ikeman, Krissy Ikeman, Sex-Nazi Anpan, and Krissy Ikeman Jr.

She hates the peanuts movie because of snoopy holding a candle. she thinks the movie is cancer. She made the video of Snoopy's Straight Talentless Clone singing the whip nae nae (his true vocals).

she forces Yssac Hernandez to start watching Fear Dot Com, but says no everytime.

She also hates Mega Man because he sneaks out of the house to hang out with Astro Boy.

Astrid's Unswell Gallery

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