Moon Man: oh hello there Astro Boy!, i challenge you to a Racist Battle, here's mine,

KKK, KKK, KKK, KKK, Lololol! Big nosed jews went to the banks to empty it all out like Black Spooks to the KFC's runned by the Chinks!

Your Turn!, you dumb sonavabitch!,

Astro: That's the Best you can do Moon Man? i'm not impressed, check these fat beats out!

Yo im a Famous Robot rapist who's cock bounces like Tigger, so shut up or I'll send my son, who is a N*gger, my Barney Bunch friends are Very Cultural!, There's Jews, Blacks, Robots, Asians, and a Mexican! so Nah Nah go suck Donkey Kong's Donkey Kock and get a Life you Racist Moon!

Moon: Holy Shit!, goddammit! You managed to beat me! i hope the KKK kills you!

Astro: We'll i Hope the BB Rapes the F*ck outta you!

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