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Astro Junge (1959-1965, 2015) Is The Evil clone of Astro Boy and created as Nazi Youth version of him, He was later destroyed by Barney's three testicles 1965, killing junge instanly.

But in 2015, He Was Ressurected by the American Nazi Party with Help From Those Guys And is a current member of the The Anti Barney Bunch where he met the current leader, Anpanman, for the very first time (though, Anpanman first came into ABB Existence in 1988)

One of his classmates is Florence, who is also a Nazi Youth

He saw snoopy's reflection. [1]

He currently lives in Dianella, the largest city for homophobes. Homosexuals are banned from Dianella.


He owns over 9,000 nazi published books including Hitler's Mein Kampf

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