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Baikinman (born October 3 1988)


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He is originally an Egg from Germ Planet that kept following the stars on the night of October 3, 1988, then the next thing would happen, Thunder and lighting strikes on the (then) Vacant lair, which is carved into a rock of a germ (Baikinman as an Adult), then the egg is landed safely on a different rock, then lightning strikes and hatches and then his first words were "Ba-Ba-Ba-Baikin!". Unlike his enemy who was born on the exact same day, He first appeared Naked, much to Astro Boy's addiction to Naked Men.


  • Germ (DOB-Present)
  • Ba-Ba-Ba-Baikin - Baikinman, October 3, 1988. This is Baikinman's Debut.

    Anpanman Hater (DOB-Present)
  • Astro Boy Fan (DOB-Present)
  • Domo Kun Fan (1998-Present)
  • Justin Bieber Fan (2009-Present)
  • Gay Porn Star (DOB-Present)
  • Murderer (2004-Present)
  • Go-Chan Hater (2011-Present)
  • Dokinchan's Boyfriend (Boxing Day 1988-Present)
  • Son of Mega Man (DOB-Present)
  • HALO Awards Host (2014-Present, replaced Astro Boy)
  • Boku no Pico Fan
  • Akachanman Hater
  • Member of Baikin Orgy (1990s)
  • Member of Anpanman is creepy (2015-present)
  • Brother of Aokinman and Akakinman
  • Current boyfriend of Slinky Joe (2017-present)

His Current Years

Two and A Half Baikins opening sequence L-R: Baikinman, Kokinchan, and Dokinchan. THEME SOUNDS SIMILAR TO TWO AND A HALF MEN, BUT IT'S NOT.

In 2003, DPTV (Drew Pickles Television), a commercial network, created Two and A Half Baikins. He directed pornos such as Fuck in the TANK, Fucktime Orgies, and many others.

Baikinman is a fan of Justin Bieber. [1]

He also likes to cross-dress as Akachanman, but she hates him anyway.

In 2014 Astro Boy was forced to do a gig with ABC and he can't do Halo awards anymore, so Baikinman hosted the 2014 edition and it got booed by The Anti Barney Bunch. He will host again, this time with Fifth Harmony singing Lullabye (Good Night my Angel) with the LED Screen features Elvis Presley in his upcoming (previously cancelled) movie, Good Luck Charm, in which Astro Boy's non gay clone auditioned.

On September 26, 2015, He, Astro Boy, Mega Man, Domo, and Olaf made Akachanman cry. the Quintet got arrested by Michu Bee. They were in Prison until 2025, but they escaped. Michu Bee arrested the quintet on November 4, 2015 for the same reason, this time, Baikinman dressed up as Akachanman. They are currently in Prison until 2025. Baikinman escaped for the 2015 Halo Awards.

32 minutes before the 2015 HALO AWARDS GALA, Kid-Friendly Panda found out that he had Murdered a stupid idiot who is a fan of Michu Bee. Due to this, Michu will sting Baikinman everytime he says HALO AWARDS GALA 2015, FIFTH HARMONY, LULLABYE (GOOD NIGHT MY ANGEL), or ELVIS during the ceremony. If he gets hospitalized and Anpanman won't let him watch Rudolph on NBC, CBS, or ABC During Christmas Season 2015, Astro Boy (Host from its start in 2009 to 2013) will host the 2016 HALO AWARDS GALA, his first since 2013.

Things Baikinman Loves

Baikinman loves to fuck Dokinchan.Baikinman is sexual to anybody he meets.

Things Baikinman Hates

The Murderer

After watching Drake & Josh episode Two Idiots and A Baby (due to the phrase "I said Wind it, NOT Murder it!), Baikinman becomes a murderer. After Wordgirl's Death on New Years 2016, Baikinman called it quits because of Dokinchan





2008: S-Man



2011: Lady Elaine (accident, Assassination attempt on Kid-Friendly Panda, but the Panda survived because of Akachanman. Elaine Survived. )


2013: Cory Monteith (by Raping), Many fans of Sam & Cat (bb) cuz they love rudolph


2015: Pinkemana Daine Pie (accident, Assassination attempt on Kid-Friendly Panda, but the Panda survived because of Akachanman), A Fan of Michu Bee

2016: Wordgirl (Preprator is Dokinchan, forced by Akachanman). Afterward, he went out dating with Dokinchan again, as a result for Dokinchan burning Wordgirl's body, being scattered in North Korea.

List of People He Fucked

All of the people he fucked are Male.


Baikinman's Swell Gayllery


  • "Ba-Ba-Ba-Baikin!" - October 3, 1988 (his first words ever)
  • "MY Favorite Singer of All Time is Justin Drew Bieber." - 2010 interview on DPTV.
  • Anpanman, I Was Born to Defeat You! - Many times
  • Haa-Hee-Hoo-Hee-Hoo! - Many times