9 billion years ago, approximately 3,040 light-years from what will be Earth, a huge, unexplainable explosion in space created two entities: the Comet and the Anti-Comet. The Anti-Comet chased the Comet, but the Comet evaded the Anti-Comet. 4 billion years ago, the two collided on the outer edges of the solar system. The explosion caused a burst of comets, forming the Oort Cloud. The other side effect was the birth of a chaotic void: Barney. He then went from planet to planet, extinguishing all life.

When he came to Earth, he was weakened from ravaging his destructing power on the other planets. As he was about to descend, an asteroid struck him. He changed the asteroid's course to Earth. However, wanting to corrupt more to finish the planet, he sent psychic tendrils down to Earth. They invaded the bodies of five dinosaurs: a Tyrannosaurus, a Triceratops, a Protoceratops, an Edmontosaurus, and a Dromaeosaurus. He then stored their bodies inside himself, but the asteroid made contact with what is now the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. He quickly took two of the bodies and combined them into a half-Tyrannosaurus, half-Dromaeosaurus. He had a physical form. But as he did that, all the dust, debris and rocks buried him under miles of sediment. Instead of dying, he laid there, dormant, for 65 million years.

Many millions of years later, several miners were, well, mining, when one uncovered a rock and, behind it, he saw a thing. It looked like reptile scales, but it was magenta. He then stuck his pickaxe into it. This busted the protective covering keeping Barney dormant, and he woke up. He burst out of the ground, killing all the miners instantly. He then made his way north, destroying all in his path. When he reached Texas, the US army was summoned. Not wanting to harm his already-weak physical body, he searched for an item to possess. He looked inside a house and saw a teddy bear. He then possessed the teddy bear, and the army was spellbound when they saw no trace of the monster. The doll just sat there, possessed by Barney.

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