Quaker Queer and the Screen Gems S from Hell are having poopy sex, but then the S from Hell finds out that Quaker Queer has secret Aids, so the swell doctor tells him that the "Queer Aids Center" Is on Uranis. Barney, Drew, and Astro Boy were told the "Bad News" Abour the Aids, so they all go in to the cum-filled P-P-P Penis car and transformed it to the "Red Rocket of Clifford". Drew and Flexo have Sex, While HandBanana goes and Rapes Ronald the P-P-Penis Clown.

In Space, they stopped by the local sex shop, taking all of the gay porn and all the dildis. they shove all the dildis up everyone's ass. They remembered in their mastadonic 300000 mile long p-p-penis ship had a hot tub, instead of using hot water, they use their own piss. The thing is, Clifford drank all the piss and drinking the piss is a crime punishable by rape. Drew Pickles then rapes the living hell out of Clifford the Big Red Gay Dog.

When they get to Uranis, the queer aids centre is of course there and there is a long lineup of gays. Drew decides to rape them all like ahahahahabagbaghahamanaca, bag, that was swell! The anti aids gays of Uranis rape the Quaker Queer and the S from Hell and their aids goes away. 

Next they go to Jupiter, to turn it into Poopiter.

The PBS P-head finds out that they are joining the V Of Doom.

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