Barney Bunch vs Great 8 is the lost Barney episode made during the Backyard Gang era. It is the best movie (claimed by Disney) and has been flagged in Japan for butt fuck.

New begginings

After killing Yogi the 1,000,000,000th time, Drew gets sick of fighting the same guy. So after him and the Bunch have kawaii yaoi, he searches out for the Great 8 rumor. That rumor is 8 so called "kawaii desu" men who like Arthur and his friends. He thinks that Germany is smexy, so the bunch go on Clifford the gay pups back and go on a sexy adventure!

Road to Ludwig

After they go to Binky's house at midnight, they sneak up into Binky's room, but Barney has more orgy smex with Drew. After they are done, they discover Ludwig sleeps in the guest room. So they try grabbing his d**k to see "how big it is", he wakes up and snaps Drew and Ronald McDonald's necks and rips their cocks. They later get a Glad bag and suffocate Germany but put holes in the bag. They later go on Clifford's back again and go home in Drew's Sex Mansion. The next day, Germany wakes up in the factoryroom that checks his d**k.  But Germany escapes to tell the 7 others about this.

World 18 vs Barney Bunch

When Germany escapes, he tells Binky to warn the kids in the school about these people, so when Binky goes to school, he goes on the stage and yells about the Barney Bunch. The other kids warn their country friends and they later team up against the Bunch. Later, when Drew and Barney find that their gay XXX drama CDs have been replaced with childrens movies, they venture to Elwood City! During the fight, Ronald trys buttf**king D.W. and Francine, both America and Russia chop off Ronalds dick. When Drew took in Italy and Binky as lolita maids, Germany suffacated Drew for 2 hours. After the war, the World 18 celebrate. THE END

How the Barney Bunch felt

After they lost the war (it was suprising!), Drew and Barney got their CDs back, and then masturbated to them. THE REAL END.

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