Barney Wars is a series of mini-episodes with the title punning the Star Wars series even though the plot is entirely different. It focuses on Barney's villanous escapades. The Barney Wars is produced by Barney Bunch Productions, Shine America and 20th Century Fox Television.

List of Episodes

Barney flies to the Vatican to assassinate Pope Benedict XVI.

Barney goes too far when he poops on Santa's lap in front of a whole line of kids. Santa punishes the Purple Menace by giving him nothing but coal.

Barney is hired yet again to drive the school bus, but Bender is after him...

Barney goes to the White House to assassinate President Obama, with disastrous consequences...

Barney is driven to insanity by the kids' new mobile phones, and he wreaks the worst of all havocs; blowing up the school!

Stan Smith of American Dad! has been sent on a mission by the CIA to kill Barney. But that Purple Perpetrator won't stand in his way...

Barney enters the 2014 Winter Olympics in order to win a bet with Drew Pickles. However, he is caught taking a selfie of him showing his purple penis, and is banned from all Olympics for life. He turns into 'The Unincredible Bulk' and destroys the Olympic Park. Putin is called to stop him ... but will he save the day? Chuck E. Cheese time travels to 1935 to save the RMS Olympic from getting Scrapped. He Time Travels back to 2014 Barney says I took over the Olympics   you brought me the RMS Olympic and you won First Place  Chuck E. Cheese says Awesome!. The Episode ends with a photo of Chuck E. Cheese wearing his Gold Medal.

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