Barney Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Smith is the sixth installment in the Barney Wars series. It focuses on American Dad's Stan Smith being hired to end that Purple Menace's reign of terror once and for all, but Barney won't stand a chance.


Stan Smith does his usual American Dad intro routine, and is about to leave for work, when he finds out in the Langley Falls Post that Barney has deliberately ruined a Brazilian Carnival by mowing down the carnival-goers in his bus and blowing up the Cristo Redentor in Rio due to his Anti-Christian sentiment, therefore banning himself from the country for life. He fears that the drunken dinosaur has corrupted his family, and burns all of their Barney memorabilia, including their DVD's, videos and toys.

Afterwards, Stan drives to the CIA headquarters where Deputy Director Bullock hires him to 'cut short that purple coke-snorting, child-molesting motherf***er's reign of terror forever'. Stan agrees, and drives to Barney's house in his Ford Explorer, where the Purple Menace is high on marijuana and smashing everything to pieces, and knocks Stan out cold in the scuffle, only for him to shortly recover.

He then finds that Stan has placed the words 'Dora the' above the 'Explorer' emblem on his car, thus denoting 'Dora the Explorer'. He threatens to shank Stan unless he removes the 'disgrace to Latin-American culture' from the SUV. Stan obliges.

Afterwards, he forces Stan to strip naked and act sexually, and if he doesn't do the right moves, he will cut his penis off.

Bullock and the CIA arrive at Barney's house, and send him to the fiery pits of Hell where he burns along with Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler.

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