Barney has five kids. Since Barney is gay, the fact he wasn't able of mating with women, and the fact that all the T-rexes died out 65 million years ago. He cloned all five of them from the D.N.A. from his balls.

  1. Barney Jr: He prefers to stick close to his dad and is the second oldest child.
  2. Betty Howard: The oldest sibling. She is very snobby and rich. She is also the only female child Barney has and the one Barney hates the most. She was neglected by Barney so much, she ran away to Orlando.
  3. Brandon: He liked to take risks. He was killed in a gunfight on a jetpack over an active volcano.
  4. Bernie: He liked to go out and kill people. Killed in New York City after being impaled on the Empire State Building after trying to take over a plane, only to be thrown out.
  5. Brian: The smartest and youngest of the children. He was just an egg when he was stabbed, causing him to go crazy. Brian is also the only male child of Barney not to be gay or bisexual.

Many people have said that the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character Spike was a son, nephew, or cousin to Barney, but that theory has been abandoned. This is due to Barney being a T-rex and Spike being a dragon. T-rex and dragons are not closely related. They are related to Baby Bop, B.J. and Riff.