Bart Simpson Kills Barney, also known as "Barney Gets Killed" is a very short lost episode of Barney. A video
Bart kills Barney

Bart kills Barney

of this episode can be found on YouTube and maybe uploaded to this wiki soon.


Bart Simpson is standing next to Barney and asks him what he wants. Barney replies with the beginning of infamous "I Love You" song. Bart thinks it's horrible and takes a gun out of his pocket and shoots the purple dinosaur. Barney screams as he falls over and dies. A small troll comes up  from behind Barney and starts laughing. It then ducks behind Barney and goes away. Nothing else to this episode, it is very short.


Bart Simpson: What do you want?

(Music starts up.)

Barney: I love you! You love me!

(Music ends.)

Bart Simpson: Blech! That is horrible!

(Bart takes out a gun from his pocket and shoots Barney several times.)

Barney: Ahhhhh!

(Barney falls backwards to the ground. A troll comes up from behind him and laughs. Then troll goes away a few seconds later.)

(The episode ends.)


  • Bart Simpson is one of the only three Simpsons characters that appeared in any lost episode of Barney. The other two were Dr.Nick in PBS Secret Weapon and Ned Flanders in Barney Bunch related episodes.
  • At only 12 seconds long, this is the shortest known episode of Barney ever made.
  • The troll has Homer Simpson's laugh.
  • Although the alternate title for this episode is called "Barney Gets Killed", Barney survives the shooting. As he appears in other episodes afterwards.
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