Beach is a 1990 NC-17 rated film starring and made by Chuck E. Cheese, which had swearing in almost every line in the film. Since he was thirteen at the time, he was forbidden to see the movie, but did illegally. Beach is the first NC-17 rated film, but was banned. He also stated that he hated Barney until 1998.


  • Chuck E. Cheese as Joey Yule/Sexman
  • Helen Henny as June Babe 
  • Barney as Dr. Sexist, the main villain in the film.
  • Mr. Munch as Grimace
  • Speedee as Pasqually 
  • George Clooney as Jasper T. Jowls
  • Drew Pickles as Captain Cock, the other main villain in the film.
  • Freddy Krueger as himself
  • Leatherface as himself
  • Billy Loomis as himself
  • Stuart Macher as himself
  • Jason Voorhees as Hockey Player #1
  • Michael Myers as himself, he was at the comedy club before revealing that he was Mike Myers.
  • Pinhead as Patrick
  • Dirty Dan and Dusty as SpongeBob
  • Angela Anaconda as herself
  • Lady Elaine as herself
  • King Friday as himself
  • Sarah Saturday as herself
  • Prince Tuesday as himself
  • X the Owl and the pussycat as themselves
  • Fred Rogers as himself
  • Other puppets of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood as themselves
  • Ronald McDonald as Astro Boy
  • Astro Boy as Sparky, the dog who rapes other people.
  • Rick Rat as Richard Yule, the father of Joey Yule.
  • Big Gay Al as Earis
  • Stan Marsh as Iris
  • Jesus as himself
  • Trey Parker as Kenny (Cartman), himself
  • Matt Stone as himself, Kyle
  • Ghostface as himself
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode
  • Anpanman as himself, Chuck E.'s sidekick.
  • Akachanman as herself, Helen Henny's sidekick
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