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Brian Howard  is the oldest brother of Betty Howard


About Him

Brian Howard was cloned in 2004 as Brian Erik Drew Pickles, being too skinny. He went to Barney school at age 2 to 7 when at age 7 he went to Orlando with Betty Howard who was cloned as Brittany Fred Barney.


Brian survived when he got nearly killed by Barney at The Barney Bunch Awards

because he was an enemy of Barney but he still won his award but rejected it and gave it to El Idiotico who was at the 2014 Awards of The Barney Bunch Awards. What a generous non-tyrant boy! The Barney Bunch were planning and attempting to kill him on the plane but they were rejected, killing all the crew on board but the guards try to control the plane by asking who will be helper. This was amazing they went to Orlando successfully. The Barney Bunch members were imprisoned planning to calling Chuck E. Cheese but he was sleeping due to partying all night after the text message he woke up and texted back no i'm too tired.


He was killed by a black Donald Trump supporter, who is actually

As a werewolf.

The Flying Ace (Snoopy).


He came back as a Zombie Werewolf, got shot and turned into a nude zombie, but got shot again and turned into a human.

He was bitten by Edward and became a vampire that is immune to anything.

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