Wake Up With the King, Bitch!

Burger King
A.K.A. The Straight King (b. January 27, 967 AD) is the enemy of Ronald McDonald and he is the mascot of Burger King and a member of The Anti Barney Bunch. It all started one day when he killed John Marston on June 13, 1993. Day by day, he gets hated even more. There were Burger Kings in Drewland until 1998 though. Sometime in August 1998, all Burger Kings in Drewland closed and demolished after Drew Pickles, Barney, Guan Yu, Kurt Cobain, The Painter, and a few others found out about the destruction of the New Fuck City City Hall. The Straight King was on trial in late 1999, and was originally sentenced to death by hanging. Sadly, the plan failed because the PhantomFriar TuckDanny Cat, and Mario managed to bail him out. Then came 2002. He became angrier than ever before after the hanging of Stripper Roo and formed Waternoose Incorporated with Henry J. Waternoose.
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