Barney Bunch Wiki

caillou is a member of the barney bunch.

early days

he first came into the world crying about the circus like a giant pussywillow. after rosie was born,he raped his cat and attempted to slap rosie but his dad shot him. he survived.


callow joined the baney bunch when he was 4 and the evil celebrities club when he was five.

he joined in 2000 in Cobaltville (Now Lazytown).

he authorized the assasinationss of winnie the pooh,the pillsburough doughboy,the stay puft mushroom man,the boobahs,the teletubbies,the rock a fire explosion,chuckie the doll ,elmo and pube muppet. he also authorized 911.

he's also part of the axis of evil.

he has got a girlfriend, Dora. He hates his homophobic clone called Maillou, created by Gérard D. Laflaque

Caillou & Dora attending the grand opening of Lazytown Public Schools for Idiot Kids, Lazytown, Drewland, 2013