Chaz Finster
Charles "Chaz" Finster
(b. June 6, 1949) is a major member of the Barney Bunch. He is one of the only gingers in the bunch, and the Vice President of Drewland. His first porno appearence is widely believed to be "Drew Pickles Fucks Chaz Finster", but that is false. His first gay porno was "Jailhouse Fuck" in 1967. Chaz gets hornier and hornier by the minute. His cock grows an inch every time he engages in anal sex. Chaz is the #1 sex slave of Drew Pickles. When they do each other, Drew is always the pitcher and Chaz is always the catcher. They have the craziest kind of buttsex in which equipment is used like a racing kart, a train, a jet plane, a large cave rock, an elevator, and a snowmobile. When Chaz has something jammed into his ass, he screams like Tom the cat. Chaz is also known for the universe record for the most baked beans eaten, at 6969 pounds. He also holds the universe record for the loudest fart at 1000000000001 decibels, when he farted, it stank out every single universe in the entire multiverse/omniverse (including the Teletubbies universe!). His cock is 200 miles long.
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