Chiara (1966 Version) is a 1966 Gay Porn Movie starring Astro Boy

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Scene from The Movie

Tabitha Promo from 1966

Tabitha Promo from 1966

When Astro Boy found out that the baby is a girl and not a boy he wanted, he gets really pissed off and couldn't handle a baby with a vagina on tv.


Astro Does Have 3 Sons in real life, One was stored up Drew Pickle's Ass For Many Years Until 1985, It Was a Nigger Version of Himself, But He Was pleased anyway

The Second Was Just built in 2013, He named Him Little Astro Boy (ろぼっとアトム)

The Third, Baby Dennis, was adopted because he was a human, so Olaf and Astro has planned to turn him into a Robot, but there was already Little Astro Boy, so the plans are unknown.

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