Chiara is a 1989 film by members of The Anti Barney Bunch starring Anpanman and for the first time ever, Akachanman

Chiara Still

Scene from the Movie.


Baikinman & his Baikongu bullies bullying monkey.It takes to ask Akachanman Anpanman but come to help in the cry, then take to it without understand bread factory. The search for the mother, but not found. But cheese is booming, Akachanman aerial walk. Although Dokinchan in the walk is going to take to the castle to find a Akachanman And returned to found the Baikinman. And found to Anpanman where you want to discard, Akachanman and waking to help, it boasts the No. Baikongu 2 self-destruction. Germs comics flowed out water of the river, Dokinchan was in it. Akachanman the stork came to recovery. It is a cute face that say "Kawaii".

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