Crash Bandicoot
(August 13, 1968-December 31, 2016) is a very gay member of the Barney Bunch. He was a worker of McDonalds from 2003 to present day. He smuthers the food in his purple wumpa cum and gives it to the customer. If the decline, he pulls out his 269 mile long cock, and pisses in their face. if they are male, he rapes them instead. he is considered the gayest sony character (Well, if you only count the OG trillogy, and can 6996969 cocks up his ass. he loves poopy gay orgies.

HE was actually the one who killed Skylander spyro, because he was caught having straight sex. crash called dib membrane over, but not before tying Skylander spyro and tawa (skylander Spyro was having sex with her) up. they then tag team bashed them to death. only dib and crash know about this.

Fun fact: he likes to have orgies with crunch bandicoot, evil crash, fake crash, his COTT redesign, Tiny tiger, N gin, N brio, and ripper roo and dingodialdo.

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