Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop (電脳警察サイバーコップ Dennō Keisatsu SaibākoppuComputer Police Cybercops) were mebmers of The Barney Bunch. They were rip-offs to Super Sentai. Their Show got negative reviews and booed every time they appear. Also, They were the more recent Nippon TV members until the following night when Anti Barney Bunch member Anpanman first appeared. The 2 members then hated each other.


The Cybercops photo when They joined the Barney Bunch, October 2, 1988.

They got arrested many times including December 17 1988 for getting drunk the previous night, for blaming Anpanman who did it, when it was actually themselves.

They got pissed off when they got preempted in January 1989 (Anpanman still went on as scheduled), and they acted like this again on April 17, 1989 when they had seen Akachanman for the very first time. Due to their behavior, Nippon TV Axed the show, and the 2nd season (renewal of television program) was given to Anpanman.

They were killed by Uncle Jam and Butterko (The duo survived), another member of The Anti Barney Bunch after Cybercop got cancelled while Anpanman got renewed. That happened on December 6th at 8:30 PM. After that, they were cremated. Their Last Known Photos were The Cybercops in their 19th century nightclothes (Hence the similarities to Anpanman's appearance, First joining The Anti Barney Bunch), the clothes they wore when they were killed, but the blood did not touch the clothes, they were ripped and is currently used for Akachanman's bedroom.
The remains of the cybercops nightclothes

the remains of the cybercops nightclothes in a 2004 picture.

In their will, They wanted Astro Boy to force CBS to put on Rudolph on Decenber 15, hence it was already shown 2 weeks prior (12.01.1989). As of 2015, Astro Boy currently preempts any CBS Program he dislikes (Two And A Half Men is one of Astro Boy's Favorites) with Rudolph. The will was read by Barney

Astro Boy's 1990 film, Stephen King's ShIT, was dedicated to them in their memory. In 2014, Astro's Dance to Lullabye was dedicated to them and the other deceased members of the barney bunch on dancing with the horny stars, but he got eliminated, then DWTHS got axed by Anpanman hours after Astro's Elimination.

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