Ditch The Cat-In-The-Hat-A-Thon Film FanParty is a FanParty established in September 2010 by Rachel Wysteria , host of the 2011 FanParty (1st Annual), member of The Anti Barney Bunch. She announced that the 2011 FanParty will be the First (With big news: Doraemon left The Barney Bunch, and others) From 2012 Onward, the host is Kikidorie

The event is a rival to The Cat In The Hat-A-Thon, which also started in 2011.


2011 (1st Annual)

2012 (2nd Annual)

Winners: Do Not Touch Our Time - Foreign Film

Winner of the 2012 Edition Foreign Film

Kid-Friendly Panda - Newcomer

Winner of 2012 Edition for Newcomer

2013 (3rd Annual)

2014 (4th Annual)

Winners: Astro Boy Go To Hell - Album by A member of ABB

Winner of the 2014 edition for Album by a member of ABB.

2015 (5th Annual)

Winners: Astro's Elimination of DWTHS & Cancelation of DWTHS - Best Moment

Anpanman & Akachanman with her Bottle - Fav Members (5th Year in A Row)

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