Do Not Touch Our Time is a 2011 movie. It features The Anti Barney Bunch members Anpanman and Akachanman. Instead of Baikinman as the villain, the crew of News.every, including a pterodactyl Barney rip off ended up becoming the villains of the film.
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The film starts with the 1988 version of Hato no kyujitsu [1]. After the clip finishes, leaving just the 1988 Nippon TV Logo, some dude from News.every says "What! that's not how that one goes." , then the female announcer from the clip says "Yes it does.", in response, that's how the clip actually goes. Then the next scene features the Wrong Anime, (Hey there, my name is..............) Doraemon (first film feature as a member of The Anti Barney Bunch), then some director says cut, because he belongs to TV Asahi, then Kid-Friendly Panda appears (his first feature film appearance), then Astro Boy shows up saying News.every rules and is the best. Dorayaki is creepy, then Domo shows up, performing a stupid Justin Bieber song, but however, Domo and Astro got arrested then the director tells them that they belong to NHK and Fuji TV then gets kicked out, then the Panda runs away with Doraemon. Then back to the NTV Logo, with a technical problem that they showed the 'Wrong' Anime, then they were about to show the news, but then, something strange happened, the News.every crew said "Is it time for News.every?" then the director said "Get out of here, and no it's not time for News.every." then the crew leaves "Fine, let's make our pterodactyl crush flowers, before this song [2] appears on tv. When the titles for the show appeared, Carly and Sam Get Too Bored, And Start Eating American Bacon.
Carly and Sam hate Anpanman

Why do Americans never adapt Anpanman to US Television?

Because of they Don't Wanna Piss off Astro, Carly!

One of the songs in the movie is 7Ch performed by another member of The Anti Barney Bunch, Mitsukie.

The Film got positive reviews, unlike the American Version.

The film was supposed to be the Japanese submission to the academy awards, but Postcard [3] was chosen instead because the film was 'Too Modern', and also 75% of the film uses animation.

The film was instead the Japanese Submission to the 2nd Annual Ditch The Cat-In-The-Hat-A-Thon ABB FanParty and it won.

The scene with Akachanman throwing liquid at the News.every crew, the song is stuck in the middle with you. [4]


Scene from the movie

Sleeping Akachanman

This is what happens at the end of this movie.

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