Dokinchan (b. Boxing Day 1988) is Baikinman's ex-girlfriend.

Relations with Kokinchan

On September 27, 2002, her mom gave birth to a second daughter, Kokinchan, starting crazy relations with her little sister


  • She was going to be the 'Jesus' of The Barney Bunch, but she was born on Boxing Day and born female instead.
  • She joined the Krazy Krackerz Klub on 2017 because of Baikinman already dated Slinky Joe last year.
    • Her current boyfriend is Tripsy the germ.
  • She actually hates Shokupanman because of his current girlfriend, Nyusha or his ex girlfriends.
  • She killed Wordgirl in 2016.
  • She hisses at her enemies like Baikinman and Drew Pickles.

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