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Domo (AKA Domo-Kun, b. December 22, 1998) is a Scary Monster from NHK (a Public BroadCaster Like PBS and a rival channel to Japan's 1st commercial channel, Nippon TV). He hates Anpanman and likes Astro Boy because he thinks Anpanman is a rip off. Due to his hate, he is a member of The Barney Bunch because of Astro Boy being the best and Anpanman being creepy. He is the youngest Fuck Buddy of Astro Boy since Baby Dennis couldn't be able to Fuck with Astro. He has an addiction to Fucking with Baikinman

On September 26, 2015, He, Baikinman, Astro Boy, Mega Man, and Olaf made Akachanman cry and they got arrested by Michu Bee. Baby Dennis is now being raised by Barney and Drew Pickles.

He forced Baikinman to get married, but Dokinchan became upset with the results that they are GAY.

After Domo escaped in October 2015, he made snoopy, a hater of both ABB and BB Prisoner in his condo to work like Chef Pee Pee every day. He is influenced by the late Seyed Ali. As a result, Anpanman called the cops and Domo got arrested by his bee girlfriend, Michu Bee.

He hates Sweet Pop Candy in Domo Goes to Troy NY while Domo gets Magic Daddy Rescue Force on the +Box 360.

Domo, dressed as a Justin Bieber wannabe (2010). His stuff were stolen by Anpanman on December 31, 2014.


Domo's Swell Gayllery