Dora The Explorer VS The Pajanimals is a lost episode of the Pajanimals. It was banned by Nickelodeon on November 29, 2013 and CPTV on December 14, 2013 and cannot be shown on January 2, 2014.


This episode is from the deleted scenes of The Dora Episode "Boot's Cuddly Dinosaur", which was originally aired in 2004. 10 Years later, The Pajanimals came to get revenge on Dora so they could take over The United States. They chased them to the Animal Rescue Center, but they fell to the dirty ground. So they stole Tico's car to continue the chase because they can't build cars. Cowbella asked Benny, Isa and Tico if they want a ride. They agree, but Apollo doesn't like them and they drive away. Cowbella wants to listen to something so they turn on the radio, but it played rap songs with swear words. Apollo tried to turn it off but instead it turned up louder until the car exploded and Cowbella and Apollo flew down to the ground again. They finally found Dora, Diego and Boots getting ready to sing, but however Apollo turns the pajanimals theme song on as the police finds them and then Cowbella and Apollo get grounded. 


  • Only two members of The Pajanimals appear in the episode, CowBella and Appolo.
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