Earis and Iris (b. It changes by year when a new year comes!) are two elves from Buffalo NY who appeared on WGR-TV During the 1950s and 1960s.


  • In 1956, they kicked Elvis out of their Movie (Cobalt and Dr. Elefun lookalikes played the bad people, the gangsters in the movie), "Hate Me, Stupid!", due to him singing Love Me Tender. He was replaced by Hullabaloo and Custard, who are NOT Humans, but instead, British Kangaroos, who would famously later appear on BBC2.
  • They are well known skaters (both rolling and figure!)
  • Before WGR-TV's launch, they 'taken' NBC, which was previously owned by WBEN-TV (now WIVB-TV).
  • In 1958, They guessed the US Christmas #1 Right (WBEN-TV Guessed it was The Love of An Angel by Elvis, but never recorded nor released due to his Real World Army service in West Germany)
  • Their launch night survived well as an audio [1]
  • Their favorite female singer of their era at WGR-TV is Francoise Hardy, because of the song All Over The World. [2] Due to them, she had to perform the song, in Mono on their television series, as she was animated by Frank Wahl, who also animated the duo themselves.
  • They started success for WGR-TV (now WGRZ!)
  • They are most likely to return to WGRZ-TV because of their biggest fans.
  • They are an icon for American Television until Fred Rogers ruined it, so they called up the CPS.
  • They invited Die Dudeldic*s for their anti Rudolph on CBS organization in 1982.
  • They are the first Buffalo Citizens to televise Rudolph (before WBEN-TV robbed it in 1972)
  • In 2012, they gave Blake Shelton and Larry The Cable Guy a positive review. [3]
  • In 2008, they invited the Twin Stars Knock Off from NTV for their anti Rudolph on CBS organization.
  • They give every film with Anpanman A+ while every film with Astro Boy F-
  • They replaced Yoshi
  • They have a strong relationship with the first episodes (all of these episodes they had relations were in Black and White, like most of their pressing) of The Magic Roundabout on BBC1.
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