Swing Set Injury was the a lost episode that was created in the early 2000s. 

On June 28, 2000, Elmo, a popular character from Sesame Street, got into a swing set injury while playing on the set with his good friend Barney. Elmo got seriously injured while attempting to do stunts. Elmo got hospitalized and had to leave the show for three months. It has remained as one of the most saddest injuries of any character from any educational or preschool television show.

Information about the Incident

It was another day for Barney the Purple Dinosaur. Wake up, go to PBS, act with the kids, sing songs, the usual. After a long day at the studio, Barney was sad and decided to visit his good friend Elmo. He missed Elmo.

Meanwhile, at Sesame Street, Elmo was standing in the kitchen looking longingly at the swing set outside. He was lonely. How he wished for a friend. Then he heard something at his front door. It was his good friend Barney! After exchanging greetings and hugs. They decided to bake some cookies. And they did just that. Suddenly, Elmo had an idea! Why not play on the swing sets! Despite Barney's protests about it being late, Elmo managed to convince Barney to play outside on the swing sets. But Elmo wanted to do stunts. Barney said not to, but Elmo was too excited to show Barney a trick he had been practising. Elmo jumped off the swing and attempted a triple flip. But Elmo did not stick the landing. Instead, Elmo fell on his head instead of his feet! Elmo was seriously injured.

Barney rushed him to the hospital and Elmo was hospitalized. Barney felt guilty and wanted to pay for Elmo's medical bill. However Elmo insisted that it was not his fault and Barney begged him not to. Elmo did not want Barney to pay for it. However after a long dispute, they came upon an agreement. Barney would pay for most of Elmo's medical bill. While the percentage has never been officially revealed, allegedly Barney paid for 84% of the total cost.

Hospitalization and Cover up

 Soon Elmo got better, but in the meantime, they needed someone to play Elmo. So after much planning, argument, searching and many auditions, they finally managed to find a good replacement. It was a friend of a cousin of a friend of Roserita's: Ricky Rodriguez. The authorities in charge of the beloved Sesame Street covered up the accident until the real Elmo was better as to not upset the preschoolers who watched the shows. Therefore, it became a lost episode.

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