In 1998 King Zoom of Zoomland wanted to capture Helen Henny but in Dallas Texas Chuck E. Cheese was dating her. When Dr Zoom went to Dallas Texas he captured Helen. Chuck E. Cheese says to The Barney Bunch  Princess Helen Henny of Hennland got captured. Spongebob says OK a good adventure before my show airs next year. Barney says were going to Hennland. Drew Pickles says I could get a Jet for all of us and when you save her your going to marry her  Chuck E. Cheese okay. 

Flying to Hennland

When The Barney Bunch went on their jet Ronald McDonald says can I have some Beer for my Swellness. Dick the Clown  says Barney is going to get a knife when King Zoom is sleeping Chuck E. Cheese says after he kills Dr Zoom i'll propose to her. Quaker Queer was drinking beer while Caillou and Rosie are smoking Ciger. 

Saving Helen Henny

Barney says were there. When they sneak to the Tower Chuck E. Cheese rescues Her and takes her to the Jet. While Drew Pickles puts a hidden camera to see KIng Zoom to get killed. When Barney sneaks to Dr Zooms bed he kills him. When he comes back Chuck E. Cheese purposes to Helen Henny she says yes.

Getting Ready

After they come back Drew Pickles makes a Wedding Dress for Helen Henny and Barney makes a Tuxedo for Chuck E. Cheese.

During the Wedding

During the Wedding All of the members of The Barney Bunch come. Before they say yes Barney yells Go Chuck E. Cheese give me a C give me a  H give me a U give me a C give me a  K  give me a E.  give me a C give me a H  give me a E give me E give me a S and give me a E what does that SPELL Chuck E.  Cheese. After Barney says that Chuck E. Cheese and Helen Henny say I Do.

Wedding Party

When they come to the party Drew Pickles orders 20 Mansions 50 Private Islands 40 Yachts and 90 Cruise Ships. 


Chuck E. Cheese: The future King of Hennland

Barney: The founder of The Barney Bunch

Drew Pickles: The gay person from the Rugrats

Helen Henny: The Princess of Henland 

Spongebob: His Show airs in 1999

Dick The Clown: A drunk Clown

Ronald Mcdonald: Brother of Dick

Caillou: A gay 4-year-old 

Rosie: A Gay ginger 

Dr Zoom: The evil guy who got killed  by Barney 

Every member of The Barney Bunch: All of the Swellness

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