Fucktime Orgies is a 2008 film that got positive reviews. it got 75% on a Drewland Movie site and certified 80 fresh, 27 rotten. Astro Boy does not appear in this movie. S-Man was going to appear in the film, but due to changes with STV 's 50th anniversary, the STV Twins appeared instead. This is the first movie to feature Mitsukie.

Fucktime orgies poster 2008 by jackiedolamorefan-d94kf8b

The Movie begins with the Announcer saying 'The 2008 broadcast of Rudolph is cancelled due to the financial crisis.' then children booing at the intro for Two and A Half Baikins on a Flat Screen TV, which was told to shut up by one of the members of The Anti Barney Bunch. Unlike Bedtime Stories (The Knight Kissing a princess' hand), Fucktime Orgies has an Orgy about Assassinating Jigglypuff, then Akachanman shoots the Baikins alive, then the same cartoon ambulance from Arthur Gets Arrested for Domestic Violence appears, then we see Akachanman playing Numa Numa.The next orgy is about teaming up with team rocket, then an orgy about The Amputation of Wordgirl (thanks to Akachanman), and then an orgy about getting beaten up by The Anti Barney Bunch members, including Michu Bee. the film concludes with Drew angrily saying Rudolph is not cancelled, then Baikinman, Dokinchan, and Kokinchan watch a Rede Tupi sign off from the 21st century [1] in the post credits scene, 2 boys said this movie sucks. [2]

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