Gauchito (or known as Mundialito in promotional posters) was the mascot of the 1978 FIFA World Cup tournament, which was held in Argentina. Despite looking like a Mexican trap queen, he is actually a heterosexual male with an Argentine background. Because he beat Drew Pickles in a soccer/football tournament, he is regarded as one of Drew's worst enemies, despite only knowing him for one week.


Doesn't he look like a she?

The appearance of Gauchito consists of a blue hat. At the peak of his headgear, in white letters, is written ARGENTINA 78. He wears the kit of the Argentina national soccer/football team and is often with a football/soccer ball. He has a whip in his right hand and wears a yellow bandana. The hat, whip and cloth bandana are references to guachos .

Because of his child-like appearance, his age has become a discussion among people. Many have said he'd again the secret of immortality by staying straight, which caused a wave of heterosexuality in Drewland. Others say he's just as old as Drew, this just doesn't show because he wears makeup.


According to mulitple anonymous sources and Dick the Clown, Gauchito has a cheery personality and lots of connections, despite the ban Drew put on Gauchito in Drewland. Because of his role as the mascot of the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina, it made him rich and today he lives in a mansion in Buenos Aires. But despite of his child-like appearance (he's actually a teenager), he is a hit with the ladies, so you'll see Gauchito every morning with a woman in his bed that he slept with. But with his good sides, he till has his flaws. Gauchito has OCD and makes sure the cleaning ladies clean his home perfectly.  


Drew Pickles - Drew Pickles and Gauchito are on extremely negative terms, as Drew sees him as phsycopathic. It all started when he'd beaten the Founding Four in The SWELL Barney Bunch Cup. Because of that, Drew swore revenge onto him, and even tried travelling to Buenos Aires, but that failed as it had just been an LSD trip.

Barney - There are no known relations between the two, other than a few calm altercations. They seem to be neutral acquaintances with each other.

Ronald McDonald - Ronald has a large crush on Gauchito, but hasn't revealed it because he doesn't want Drew to be mad. He revealed his crush to Dick the Clown, but he didn't seem mad.

Dick the Clown - He and Gauchito made up after the cup and became close friends after Gauchito revealed that he claimed to be a trap queen. They usually hang out whenever Dick isn't busy, as he is the most open to heterosexual people than his colleagues are.


"Ola! I'm Gauchito! - an Argentine shepherd! Do you see the scarf around my neck? This is a traditional attribute of shepherds called gauchos. And in my right hand is a whip - it helps me manage the herd when my parents allow me to drive the cows grazing in the field. To avoid boring one in Pampas (so-called steppes of Argentina), every day I took my favorite football with me and learned all sorts of tricks. I learned so much things that the glory of the deft of my talent reached Buenos Aires. When it came to the World Cup in Argentina, I was called to become the mascot of the tournament, and I gladly accepted. To the delight of our fans, the team became the champion of Argentina, and one of my favorite players - Mario Kempes - for which I have always dreamed to be like, scored the most goals!"
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