Horrorman (Also known as Mr. Bones if 4Kids dubbed Anpanman) is a skeleton, one of Baikinman's allies and a member of The Barney Bunch.

Horrorman in meiji era

Horrorman in the Meiji era

He died during the Meiji era. In 1973 (when Emperor Meiji's grandson Emperor Showa reigned), Ressurected, as a skeleton, thanks to Astro Boy, his robot grandson. A Few Months Before the Heisei era even started, his ally, Baikinman was born, so they have plans to rule Nippon TV, but usually fails.

He Was the Father of the Late Hoshie Tenma. One of his ancestors is Sans.

Horrorman in showa era

Horrorman during Emperor Showa's reign.

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