How The Pajanimals Joined The Barney Bunch is one of Drew Pickles and Barney's prized pornos from 2013.


The Episode begins with The Gabbas (from Yo Gabba Gabba) watching WNBC-TV on a saturday morning just because they were bored. But then, the Pajanimals came on. They called Drew Pickles and Barney that they can join the Barney Bunch just because they annoy people and threatened the United States. During taping of the show 2 weeks later, Drew Pickles and Barney forced The Pajanimals to get naked and have sex with The Gabbas. The Pajanimals took off their clothes and had oral sex with The Gabbas until Microsoft Sam fired Drew, Barney, The Gabbas, and The Pajanimals out of the building and calls the police on them.


This is the first Lost Barney episode to feature The Pajanimals.

This is also the first episode to be filmed in a production of Barney Bunch Productions.