Hugo (b. 1407), also known as "Horny", seeing as he is the gayest (stone) gargoyle in the universe, is a member of the the Barney Bunch. He is the "slightly" younger brother of Victor, who left him and Laverne during the 21st century. Saddened, Hugo got out of Paris after having gay sex with Snowball, Frollo's horse, who he was apparently able to turn bisexual, since he [Hugo] is the only male who found Snowball's horse-cock sexy for gay pecs-jobs. Later, Snowball allowed Hugo on his back and rode him out of Paris onto a boat with a random French on-boat traveler who died from starvation. Since Hugo and Snowball were willing to recycle seminal fluids, they didn't have to worry about starvation as much. Sadly, just before arriving in Drewland, Snowball passed away from the polluted ocean/sea water. Upset that his second butt buddy (the first was Djali, who later left him) passed away, Hugo buried the body, although Gourmand, much to Hugo's disgust, "rummaged through the remains and took a few nether region extras to cook from".


  • Hugo loves it when someone licks his stone-hard nipples on his man-boobies, which don't always lactate.
  • Speaking of which, he loves gay adult breastfeeding, but doesn't mind giving fellatio, since Hugo doesn't have an anus.
  • Hugo can technically be used as a dildis.
  • However, he always refuses to be shoved up anyone's ass, due to seeing it as nothing but objectification.
  • While that is understandable, this can be considered ironic, because Hugo himself was once an inanimate object.
  • Hugo can detach his horns and have gay men use them as dildis.
  • However, Hugo only uses his horn to lazily scratch his own back.
  • Hugo loves collecting the various Ken dolls from the Barbie franchise.
  • Hugo sometimes dresses in drag, usually for comedic effect(s), as shown in the song "A Guy Like You".
  • Hugo loved performing fellatio on Djali, until Djali left with Esmeralda to Sawyera.
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