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Inotoko Ikeman is the former person who played Anpanman in the comics from 1973 to 1988. He's actually a baikin form named Yeastman, an evil clone of Baikinman, but turns out, he appeared in 4 episodes of Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! After seeing his successor Anpanman in the TV debut, he decided to create his own show. Born in Tokyo, Japan back in ‘58, he was forced to go to the mental hospital in 1965 but a few years later, got out of there.

He loves Astro Boy & Baikinman and hates Anpanman and Akachanman

In 1973, he founded Pandaland (then Anpanland) and its main goverment owned company called InotoCo (then The Anpanman Company). Also he became president until 1988, when the government found out that he made sex with Snoopy, and his candle, directed by Astro Boy. This lead to making a new Anpanman, who is not gay.

In 2008, he created DeezNuts, a parody of the peanuts, but more adult-ish. the first strip was based off on Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown (1986), which was animated by a future staff member of America's long running Cartoon, The Simpsons.

In 2010, he became the richest person in Drewland and is worth $100,000,000,000,000,000.

In 2015, he created a show called DeezNuts, which is based on his comic.

His childhood bully is Florence's father. Sex-Nazi Anpan's bully is Florence because she forces him to like Donald Trump.

He has five children, Sex-Nazi Anpan (b. 1980), Kimmy Ikeman Smith a rich Kim K wannabe (born 1982),  Inotoko A. Ikeman (AKA Inotoko Jr, b. 1984), Snoop Ikeman (b. 1986) and Krissy Ikeman Jr (b. 1988).

He also has one Illegal Daughter, Adina Ikeman, who was unmarried and had no children (Dec 31 1982-Dec 31 2010, killed by Michu Bee as a result of giving one of the 'real' members of Candies cancer. that member died in 2011 and was replaced by Usami Yūhate). Her mom was not Krissy Ikeman, it was a prostitute Baikin, aunt of Baikinman.

He hates Definitely Not The Peanuts Movie, Definitely Not The Peanuts and Definitely Not The Peanuts Movie Soundtrack.

He has a grandson named Inotoko III, who is 7 years old.