Iridium Inotokos

Awarded for

Excellence in swellness, poopyness, and gayness,



Hosted by

Barney (2014) Chuck E. Cheese (2015 and 2016) Snoopy (2017)

Awarded on

April 5, 2014 April 4, 2015 February 26th, 2016

Next awards

March 3, 2017, 7:30 P.M. DST (EST)

Announced by

Inotoko Ikeman

Presented by

The Barney Bunch

Produced by

El Idiotico

Directed by

Drew Pickles

 The Iridium Inotokos (formerly called The Barney Bunch Awards)  is a annual awards ceremony that is presented by The Barney Bunch. It will be aired live on NBC, with Barney Bunch Productions, Shine America, Embassy Row and Universal Television on April 4, 2015. It honors the achievements of evilness and tyranny. Each winner will receive the The Iridium Merit of Violence and The Trophy of Villainy. The best enemies of awards ceremony will watch their allies die, and sometimes they will die, too! The other recipients of The Iridium Inotokos will kill the allies of The Anti Barney Bunch, each will get one member and a suitcase full of deadly weapons. The recipient must choose one or more weapons to kill the member.


The 2014 awards show was hosted by Barney himself. 

Best Allies 

Worst Enemies 

Best Movie 

Best Member of The Barney Bunch

Best Dinos 

Best Group 


The 2015 awards show was hosted by Chuck E. Cheese.

Here are all of the winners...

Best Allies

Best Japanese Superhero

Best Movie

  • Astro Boy and Baymax's Big Gay Adventure 

Worst Enemy

Best Supporting Barney 

Best Porno

Best Cult Film Ever

Worst Group

Best Group

  • The Barney Bunch

Worst Unsupporting Homophobe

Best Dinosaur

The ABB vs. BB Death Battle 

Best Reality Show

Worst Politic

  • Donald Trump

Worst Rights Group

  • PeTA

Worst Reality Show

The Death Bowl

Best Idiot Allie

  • El Idiotico

The Iridium Award

  • Chuck E. Cheese

2016 (As the Iridium Inotokos)

Favorite Dog

Favorite BB Member

Favorite Porno

Favorite Cartoon

Worst Homophobes

Favorite Group Organization

  • The Barney Bunch
  • The Censored Bunch (WINNER)
  • The Loser Bunch

Inotoko Award (not announced)

Best BB Song

  • Aina Mun Pitaa - PKN
  • All Night Baikin Party 2016 - Baikin Orgy (WINNER)
  • Why Doogal Sucks? - Astro Boy
  • 2015 Peanuts Theme - Steve Martino

Stupid Idiot (not announced)

Worst Clubs

Never Forgotten about them (not announced)

Best Supporting Barney (not announced)

Worst Enemy (not announced)

BB Members Gone (not announced)

Best Moment of 2015

WTF Moment of 2015

  • Mans Zelmerlow winning Eurovision
  • Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silento
  • Some Stupid Episode of Late Night Line Up ft. Christine P. & Davy (WINNER, BUT MADISON ERIKSON MADE THIS CHOICE)


Lifetime Achievement Award (not announced)

Best Homosexual

Worst Homophobe

Favorite Porno

Best Music


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