Jizzed and Confused is a movie filmed in 1982, (prologue filmed in August 1977) but was released in 1993. This movie was directed by Astro Boy. the title is a Parody of Dazed and Confused.The film was preceded by Am I Stupid?


the film begins with the usual Gramercy pictures logo

It starts with Mega Man escaping from his house where The 40 Year Old Virgin won't let him escape, to America, where Cobalt is dying of boredom because of the first song in Elvis' first movie, so Astro Boy suggested they'll jump into 2016. [1] and then the title cards with Astro, Mega, Barney, Drew, Cobalt, and other BB Members in 1982. [2].


1. James Taylor - Something in The Way She Moves [3] Scene where Mega Man escapes to America.

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