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Kero the Wolf Frees SnakeThing from Prison (teaser)


Kero the Wolf is a psychotic, murderous, necrophilic, zoophilic, Islamaphobic, Anti-Semitic, ex-furry who became an honorary member of the Barney Bunch in September 19th 1995 when he had an orgy with Drew Pickles, Ronald McDonald, Dick the Clown, and Sundae. Hours prior to this, he killed Orville Redenbacher against Drew Pickles wishes, but quickly convinced him that they could fuck his freshly drowned corpse in the jacuzzi. He is voiced by Will from Afar.


The first video to feature Kero the Wolf was Drew Pickles and Kero the Wolf go to Orville Redenbacher’s Jacuzzi by Vulpes Ailurus.

Watch it here:


Kero is one of the most dangerous members in the Barney Bunch, he is known to kill anyone whenever he feels like it, even at the inconvenience of others. He also likes to rape those he kills. He is also known for hating everyone in the racial rainbow, with a special hatred towards Iranians.

Likes: Mangoes, Bestiality, Roadkill, Killing people, Peanut Butter, Dead butthole

Dislikes: Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Iranian Superhackers, Blacks, Mexicans, Donald Trump’s animal cruelty law because it makes it harder for him to fuck animals