Kid-Friendly Panda AKA Not-Pedobear is one of Akachanman's friends. The Panda was created by Sanrio in 2011.

Not-Pedobear in Real Life

Not-Pedobear w/ 4 Anpanman fans, dressed as Not-Pedobear in Different Colors.

He is the mascot of The Anti Barney Bunch.

Since The Panda Joined TV Asahi in 2011, He is a member of Bunny Group Ltd.

ALLIES: Anti Barney Bunch members Anpanman, Akachanman, Michu Bee, and others.

ENEMIES: Astro Boy, Domo, Mega Man, Baikinman, Barney, Drew Pickles, Baby Dennis, and other members of The Barney Bunch

The Panda turned the cat in the hat's thing-a-ma-jig into a P-Mobile (Panda Mobile) with a left hand wheel. ABB members are allowed in the p-mobile while BB members are banned.

Events to Jumpscare BB Members

  • September 6, 2011 - He Jumped out of A Cake, with a video


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