Kid-Friendly Panda AKA Not-Pedobear is one of Akachanman's friends. The Panda was created by Sanrio in 2011.
Not Pedobear

Not-Pedobear in Real Life

Not Pedobear 2

Not-Pedobear w/ 4 Anpanman fans, dressed as Not-Pedobear in Different Colors.

He is the mascot of The Anti Barney Bunch.

Since The Panda Joined TV Asahi in 2011, He is a member of Bunny Group Ltd.

ALLIES: Anti Barney Bunch members Anpanman, Akachanman, Michu Bee, and others.

ENEMIES: Astro Boy, Domo, Mega Man, Baikinman, Barney, Drew Pickles, Baby Dennis, and other members of The Barney Bunch

Tv asahi panda's car

The Panda turned the cat in the hat's thing-a-ma-jig into a P-Mobile (Panda Mobile) with a left hand wheel. ABB members are allowed in the p-mobile while BB members are banned.

Events to Jumpscare BB Members

  • September 6, 2011 - He Jumped out of A Cake, with a video


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