Krinkles o face
Krinkles the Clown
(b. early 1920s - d. Unknown) was a gay clown among, you guessed it, the Barney Bunch . For over 50 years, he has been living off of nothing but humans' souls and most parts of humans' bodies, especially children's teeth (as shown here, where his real voice is used), both of which make him "krinkle" if it's a male homophobe's soul and boy's tooth/teeth, respectively. Whenever he "krinkles", it involves jizzing, then shitting, and finally pissing himself or on top of one of his butt buddies: all within 30 seconds. Unsurprisingly, seeing as he's the most cannibalistic clowns in the world, he's banned from everywhere but Drewland. He especially loves killing homophobes in cold blood, often by cutting open their intestines with his fingernails and then choking his victims. If it's a homophobic man he's killing, he'll eat his intestines after killing him for homophobia, as well as avoid letting the urine and fecal matter go to waste.
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