Due to Barney's evil and twisted nature, several episodes of his show Barney and Friends have not been aired on PBS or on any other TV station to that matter. All of these lost episodes are in the public domain and some can be found on YouTube. These episodes have Barney swearing, doing drugs, murdering or attempting to murder people, porn, and abusing the innocent. Note, most of these episodes are not in order. Although the show was cancelled in late 2009, several of these lost episodes were found on later dates.

List of Lost Barney Episodes

1:Elmo's Death

2:Elmo's Death This version is different from the one above. This version is about Barney's side of the story and tells about Barny's trial, jailtime, and bust out. The one above only focuses on Elmo's murder.

3:Evil Barney Bus Driver

4:Evil Barney Babysitter

5:The Missing Dinosaur Of Jurassic Park

6:Godzilla Vs Barney

7:The Jihad to Destroy Barney

8:Newly discovered footage proves: Barney is racist! 

9:The Brony Barney Conspiracy

10:PBS Secret Weapon

11:Bart Simpson Kills Barney

12:My Little Barney:Swellness is Magic

13:The 69 Stories of Drew Pickles and His Friends

14:Barney Murders the Teletubbies

15:The Barney Bunch Go to the Sewer

16:The Barney Bunch Movie

17:The Phone Call

18:Barney vs Blarney (Filmed in 2000)

19:Drunk Dinosaur

20:Extremely Drunk Dinosaur

21:Barney Takes a Poop

22:Barney Takes Over The United States

23:Barney Takes Over The United States Part 2

24:Barney Murders Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

25. How The Pajanimals Joins The Barney Bunch It was the First episode to be filmed by Barney Bunch Productions and the first major appearance of The Pajanimals

26. Barney vs Zeebo (sequel to Barney vs Blarney, but different. Filmed in 2008.)

27. The Barney Bunch Movie: The Sequel

28. Barney Takes Over The United States Part 3

29. The Barney Bunch Supports Salzburg 2014 (Filmed in 2007)

30. The Barney Bunch in Turin (Filmed in 2006)

31. The Barney Bunch in Gothenburg (Filmed in 2008)

32. Evil Barney Beach Movie (Filmed in 1998)