MTV AKA Men's Television is the most watched TV Channel in Drewland. Its most famous TV Show is Inotoko, starring Lazytown Native, Inotoko Ikeman.Despite the name, it has no relation to the Viacom channel of the same name The logo is the same one from the Finnish tv channel Of the same name


Logo used in 70s and 80s.

Their sister channel is FUTV [1] Their rival is TVNP

It was originally founded in 1957.

MTV is the most watched commercial channel in Drewland. When MTV was launched, The other TV Channels are TV1, TV2, NRK, and SR (later `Stupid Viewers Television'). MTV won the rights to The Flying GAYce (1975 Version) television series after NRK gave the first refusal to Drewland Viewers. NRK airs the 2016 remake.

in 1976,they became the last Drewland TV Channel to go full time color.

In 1993, MTV became MTV3, but in 2013, due to the current MTV3 logo looking like freeform, MTV3 becomes MTV again. Drop The 3!


Left: Logo used in 1966 (above) and 1982 (below) Center: Current Mascot Right: Logo used in 2010 (above) and 1994 (below)

Television Shows

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