Mega Man

Mega Man

Mega Man "megamegamegamegaswellman" (Built, 1975) is one of Astro Boy's Fuck Buddies. He also served as a backing vocalist in the 1981 song, Ilomantsi. He appeared in a bunch of films such as The Crazy Girlie. His debut song, Should I Stay Or Should I Go [1] topped the top 69 charts in Drewland in 1982. After performing that song one night (most likely in the 21st century), he got shushed by his enemies.

Before 1987, he Was a Robot That lived in a crappy House (It's similar to the 40 Year Old Virgin's House) in Perth, WA, Australia. Occasionally, at 7:30pm, he sneaks out of the house to Go to a local strip club to hang out with gay men, including Astro Boy. ultimately retiring His Boxing Career in 1982. He is a member of The Barney Bunch, due to Anpanman being creepy.

Some People Make Stories of Astro and Mega Man as Enemies, Astro and Megaman Really Hate These Stories, And Wish More People Could Do Some More of Them Being Friends, and Lovers....

Like Astro Boy, he dislikes Akachanman due to being a member of The Anti Barney Bunch He was claimed to be Baby Dennis' Father, but according to the movie, Transylvania 6500 2, Astro's 3rd Son's father was Olaf The Gay Snawman.

In 1977, he got sued by Television Poland (AKA TVP).

On September 26, 2015, He, Astro Boy, Domo, Baikinman and Olaf made Akachanman cry and they got arrested by Michu Bee

He is the father of Baikinman, Aokinman and Akakinman because he f*cked 3 prostitutes shortly before the Calgary 1988 opening ceremony

He has a pet Echidna named Kenny Kidna.

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