Michu Bee (b. 1998) is one of Akachanman's Friends and is a mascot of UHB. She is a member of The Anti Barney Bunch. She usually arrest Astro Boy for 'Baby' Abuse. Michu is a Female Bee.

Michu Bee's old Look

Michu Bee's current look

In 2010-11, she forced Doraemon and Jankenman to attend events ABB Related due to Kid-Friendly Panda, one of her allies.

She is Anpanman's first girlfriend who is not a breadhead.

She hates Boku no Pico

She also hates Masked Osodashi.

ALLIES: Anpanman, Akachanman, Jankenman, Kid-Friendly Panda, Michu Wolf, Nyusha, Die Dudeldic*s, Twin Stars Knock Off from NTV, Earis and Iris

ENEMIES: Barney, Drew Pickles, Astro Boy, Mega Man, Domo, BaikinmanInotoko Ikeman

In 2015, She and Anpanman co-founded The Go-Chan Bunch.

Her favorite anime is Anpanman due to her love interest, in which Astro hates the most.

In 2013, she said that Twin Stars Knock Off from NTV making Rudolph crash into Mount Fuji was hilarious, that he deserved it for being on 2 weeks early! (usually on the same night as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show).

Team of UHB











How Michu Met Everyone Else

In 1998, Astro Boy and Mega Man were planing a boy's night out with Baikinman, but then Michu Came on tv, Astro said "NOOOOO!! NOT VAGINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" mainly because Michu is a female, like Akachanman, whom Michu sees as many times as she wants. Mega Man finds out that Michu is with Anpanman.

Things Michu Likes

Things Michu Dislikes

Michupanna's Cutery

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