"My Favorite Dildis!"

Namakura Gatana  (born 1890) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is a sexist, Astro Boy lover, Anpanman hater, rapist, LGBT supporter, and Anime fan. His best friend is Katsudō Shashin, who is also an Astro Boy lover. 

In 1958, his daughter gave birth to Inotoko Ikeman. 3 years later, his daughter bore Jimmu. In 1955, his son's bff, became a dad to Krissy Ikeman

He was a Nazi in WWII until the end of the war when he found out that Nazism was wrong and Nazis were homophobes.

He is known for being one of Astro's fuck buddies and appearing on Inotoko.

The Murderer

  • Some people of Japan because America forced him (1945)
  • Anpanman NHK (1979)
  • Osomo sin Anpan (2011) 
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