Hi diddily-ho there neighborino!

Edward "Ned" Flanders (b. May 1, 1959) is one of the original seven members of the Barney Bunch. He, like Dick the Clown, Guan Yu and The Quaker Queer, never appeared in any of the original Newgrounds flashes. He obviously loves sewer parties. A lot of people say his glasses are very swell. He likes saying "Okey Dokey" and it's obviously is a fetish for many Barney Bunch members. He also likes mooning at people while wearing his ski suit. He is 6'1 like Drew Pickles and Ripper Roo.

On May 13, 2015, Flanders underwent surgery to have both of his vocal cords removed after severely damaging them in a recent orgy. A few days later, after returning from the hospital, he announced in a Facebook post that he will be retiring from the gay porn industry, stating that "the Bunch's pornos wouldn't be the same without my sexy voice". After this post, the hashtag #PrayForFlanders became one of the hottest trends on Twitter.

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